Drains 101: These items will clog your drains and cost you money

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May 23, 2016
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Drains 101: These items will clog your drains and cost you money

The biggest myth that many people believe is that just because they flushed an item listed below down once and nothing happened, that their drains are resistant to clogging.  Guess what? None of these items cause a clogged pipe immediately, it’s a build up over time of bad habits that leads to clogged drains.  General Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. wants everyone to understand that drain clogs don’t just happen; it’s a process that builds over multiple problematic fibers and particles, which can lead to you spending money more and more frequently on rooter services.

Steer clear of putting these items down the drain:

1. Hair

One of the most overlooked items is when you brush your hair, shower or even shave to rinse the hair down the drain, but the strands are difficult to break down and can cause plumping problems. Try using a fine drain filter and throw it in the garbage instead of down the drain.

 2. Coffee Grinds

Coffee grinds are one of the most common household items that are washed down the drain, they have tough fibers that can lead to build up that is sure to clog your drain.

3. Toys

Do you think it’s not a big deal when your kid’s small toys go down the drain? Think again, small toys are one of the top items that clog drains and are difficult to retrieve once they go down. Toys combined with hair follicles could pose a big problem for your drains.

4. Flushable Wipes

Though flushable wipes are a popular household item, it doesn’t mean that they’re meant for your plumbing system. If you place the wipes in the toilet or sink you might as well be flushing your checkbook down the toilet too because soon enough you will be paying multiple contractors to fix your situation. Stick to using good old fashion toilet paper or throw out the wipes in the trash.

5. Vegetable Peels

Vegetable peels may be biodegradable, but it doesn’t mean that they’re meant to be tossed down the drain. The thick texture and size of the peels make them difficult to wash down, which can cause other food particles to build up with time.

Do you have some slow drains or constant clogged drains?  Maybe it is time to call General Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., we have technicians that can help you prevent drain problems or maintenance troublesome drains and keep your property worry-free.  Contact us today! Phone: (408) 757-5860 or email: service@sanjosegeneralplumbing.com



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General Plumbing
Contact us today! Phone: (408) 757-5860 or email: service@sanjosegeneralplumbing.com

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