How Much is Your Running Toilet Costing You?

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June 20, 2016
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How Much is Your Running Toilet Costing You?

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For residents living in the Bay Area, we have all got those letters in the mail about the long lasting drought that California has been enduring. Now some can only water their plants at a certain time, water bills have been getting higher the more you use. Nearly all residents have been changing their shower heads to more conservative ones, or letting their grass go brown, but still their water bill is still very high. There is one thing that many residents overlook when changing to more eco-friendly appliances and that would be their toilet. Yes, having a running toilet can cost a resident several hundreds of dollars in water bill cost. Since a running toilet runs nearly all day, it can waste more than 20 times more than a shower leak and about 4 times more than a leaky faucet.

The Cost of a Running Toilet

It is very important you take into consideration replacing your toilet, it may still work in the natural sense, it can still flush and only once in a while you may need to use a plunger; though when dealing with a leaking toilet it can be both harmful to your environment and your wallet. In an extreme, but realistic scenario, your toilet has the ability to waste thousands of gallons of water per month which can leave the resident with almost $200 of unnecessarily tacked on water usage a month to your bill. Though in a more common setting, you may not have an extreme case, but that should not shy you away from replacing your toilet. Moderate toilet leaks can generally waste about 5,000 gallons of water and cost a resident an additional $70 a month translating to about $1,400 a year that is going down your toilet bowl.

The Havoc of a Running Toilet

Though there might be many things that can be the cause of a high water bill, and a resident may think that their biggest worry would be having to deal with a cracked sewage pipe, though that is not the case. A broken sewage pipe can contribute to the high water bill; a running toilet has the ability to waste a gallon of water in about 30 seconds. Also, having a broken sewage pipe can be very prominent, giving notice to the resident so that they may take action. A running toilet often times can be something that is not always noticeable. The toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water without ever giving a visual indicator except when you get your water bill and see the high number despite your attempts to lower your usage of water. Your toilet is accountable for about 30% of a home’s indoor water consumption.


Fixing a leaking toilet, even if it is a minor leak should still get your attention because each gallon that it leaks, that is more money your pocket that is being charged. Repairing or replacing a running toilet early on can help minimize waste and stop it before it gets too out of hand, not to mention more money in your pocket and more environmentally responsible. An easy way to see if your toilet is leaking would be to take to top off your toilet a drop a few drops of food coloring in the water. You would wait about 20-30 minutes, check to see if the color is still there, if it is, then you have a running toilet.

If you believe that you have a leaky toilet feel free to contact us at General Plumbing, with our same day services and 24hr emergency services we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We will help you fix your running toilet, or if you would like a new one we will help you install our new toilet.

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