When You Should Call In a Professional

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June 2, 2016
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When You Should Call In a Professional

We all want to think that we can do anything ourselves and those that pay someone to fix their appliances are suckers and are wasting their money. The truth is is that there is many things that residents can fix on their own without calling a professional, but there are also things that an average resident may not have the correct training to do the job without damaging other parts of the house. Many of times the professionals are called when the job at hand was attempted by a resident, but they were unable to complete it due to the lack of tools or another reason, or because the issue got worse and what could have been handled by a trained associate becomes an emergency. Today we are going to provide a list in which is common amongst all residents have the most trouble with.

Unclogging a Drain

Although unclogging a drain doesn’t seem like that difficult of a task, many times we will find that common unclogging techniques are very damaging to your pipes. There is so much equipment that are sold every day to unclog drains, like a snake. Traditionally the snake is meant to work its way down your pipe as you twist and turn it inside your toilet drain, doing so you can ruin your pipes by the constant scraping. Also, using chemical drain cleaner can be so much more damaging to your pipes, the strong chemicals can eat away at your pipes causing them to weaken faster over the years, not to mention the environmental affect that it has.

Using The Wrong Pipes

Often times when residents replace pipes they aren’t replaced properly. At times homeowners will attach two pipes that aren’t the same ie. Copper and galvanized steel, these two types of metal require proper coupling between them to ensure that no rusting occurs. Your pairing may last a few years, but in a relatively short amount of time the pipes will need to replaced again because over time they will rust and ruin your pipes.

Using the Incorrect Trap

Homeowners that choose a S-trap rather than a P-trap can cause harmful sewer gases in their home, S-traps, if not ventilated properly is more susceptible to leak toxic gases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the effects of gases that come from the sewer to the body are well known. Many of these gases are very dangerous and harmful, having these gases around have been proven to be explosive as well. http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/publications/books/housing/cha09.htm Getting a professional plumber in your home whenever you are deciding to remodel is important. We ensure that all of our staff is knowledgeable and can make the appropriate decisions when it comes to what is best for your individual home. Our staff understands that every home is unique in its own way and what may work for some homes will not always work in all homes.

Incorrect Fixture Installations

Redecorating can be a very exciting time for your home, more specifically your bathroom where you many guests will get a chance to see. Though when installing a new toilet by yourself it can be difficult, yes you can try to do it yourself, but making mistakes when you don’t have the proper training can be a very big hassle. Obtaining the correct equipment can also be a nightmare and hope you didn’t make any mistakes. Bathroom leaks are often times very hard to spot at first and can occur in a wall surface or inside your cabinets. If you did install your toilet yourself and unsure about your installations call us and we can get that checked out for you before it becomes a problem.

Here at General Plumbing we are not advising that you shouldn’t try to fix things yourself, obviously we have many other tools that can get us by when it comes to plumbing. We have just seen these events turn into a homeowner’s nightmare. We have the ability to not only aid setting up any type of plumbing installation, clean any sort of drain in your home, install any kind of trap and vent it the way it should, we can additionally provide some advice prior to you starting your task also. Contact us today! Phone: (408) 757-5860 or email: service@sanjosegeneralplumbing.com


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General Plumbing
Contact us today! Phone: (408) 757-5860 or email: service@sanjosegeneralplumbing.com

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